Benjamin Ellefson

My name is Benjamin and I love writing whimsical adventures for children of all ages.

Childhood was a magical time for me. I grew up in a neighborhood full of kids. Every day was filled with imagination, adventures, fantasy, and wonderful stories. In school I loved any project that let me explore my creativity.

When I was older, I traveled across the country to study story telling at the University of Southern California in their school of Cinema/Television. While in school, I had the amazing opportunity to work on several film productions and saw stories coming to life first hand.

Over several years after school, I had four beautiful daughters.  When they were little, I spent all of my creative energy giving them the magical childhood that I had when I was small. There was nothing as exciting as watching their imaginations flourish as they explored the world.

Now that they are older, I want to give that magic to all of the children of the world. I focus my writing on modern fairy tales that are fun for kids and thought provoking for adults.  Each adventure celebrates important values of self-reliance, preparedness, and diversity. I am hoping with each book to spark imagination in each reader.

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