Discover the thrill of survival stories with the classic tale of a dog thrust into the tundra of Canada as a sled dog. Young readers will be at the edge of their seat as they root for a relatable dog fighting to endure and thrive in the harsh wilderness.

Dog lovers and survival enthusiasts alike will adore The Call of the Wild as they immerse themselves in this bygone era.

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

The Call of the Wild

Author: Jack London

Paperback: 144 pages

Formats: Paperback, eBook

Buck was a strong, country dog. He was part St. Bernard and part Shepard. Living in California in 1897, he ruled the land around the big house of Judge Miller. This was until he was kidnapped by a gardener. The gold rush was on and big, strong dogs with thick fur were desperately needed for sled dogs. Before Buck knew what happened, he was sold to a trader and transported to northern Canada.

He quickly realized that all humans were not as nice as his original owners. Cruel trainers used clubs to whip him into shape. As buck learned to heed his new masters, he discovered the reality of primitive law. The lessons were brutal, but the result was a toughening and understanding of survival. This awakens an unbreakable spirit within him. He channels the wildness of his ancestors and rises to the challenge of surviving in the cold, harsh environment.

Buck discovers the pleasure of success in being a sled dog. He works intensely and swiftly becomes a valued member of the team. Rising in the ranks, he soon passes his dog mentor and becomes the lead sled dog in the pack. This comes with new duties and responsibilities. Soon, Buck becomes the greatest sled dog around, leading a deadly expedition across the frozen plains.

This classic survival tale will stir the wildness inside the reader as it did for Buck. It’s filled with exciting adventure and vivid descriptions of the great white north. I especially loved seeing the frontier world through the eyes of a dog. It made me look at the past through an interesting lens.

I recommend this thrilling, short read for young readers who might be interested in survival stories. It’s a great way to discover this fun genre.