Have you ever dreamed of running off on a wild adventure? Would you really be ready if it landed on your doorstep? Would you run or would you be brave enough to fight?

Discover the exciting adventure of sword wielding rabbits as they battle against an alliance of wolves and predatory birds in The Green Ember. It the first epic tale in a brilliant series that will inspire young readers.

The Green Ember by S. D. Smith

The Green Ember

Author: S.D. Smith

Illustrator: Zach Franzen

Age Range: 9 – 12

Grade Level: 4 – 6

Paperback: 368 pages

Formats: Hardcover, paperback, eBook, audiobook


Life is peaceful for Heather and Picket growing up in a quiet meadow in Nick Hallow. They are rabbits who live in a tree with their parents and little baby brother. Their days are spent frolicking in the fields paying games and listening to stories of many brave heroes of the past.

One night their father begins to tell them the story of the great King Jupiter who ruled over one hundred warrens. He was a powerful king who won many battles against the wolves, defeating the dreaded King Garlacks. But he was also wise and created a lasting peace across the lands. Bedtime comes before the story ends and Heather and Picket eagerly anticipate the ending.

The next morning, they awake to a strange lady in their house talking with their parents. Something odd is in the air and Heather and Picket are quickly sent off to gather berries. They return to discover a horrible sight. Their house is in flames and a group of wolves are ravaging the area. Never before have they witnessed such horror and carnage and now it is at their house.

They quickly scurry through the woods trying to evade the pursuing wolves. After a death-defying chase, they finally escape with the help of two sword wielding rabbits. One of them turns out to be their uncle and the other his adopted son. With their house destroyed and parents kidnapped, they have no choice but to flee. Their uncle leads them to Decker’s Landing, only to discover it too in flames, crawling with wolves.

As a last ditch effort, they make the dangerous trek to The Savory Den. There, Heather and Picket discover a secret rabbit city hidden in the Cloud Mountain. There world has turned upside down and they are discovering a whole world they didn’t know existed. It is a strange, beautiful place with lots of rules and even more secrets.

Heather and Picket are curious what is the “mended wood” that everyone is talking about. They beg to know why everyone is watching them suspiciously. Why are there so many secrets? Is it the fear of impending doom from the wolves discovering them? Or something else?

Soon they will discover the terrible secret of their family. Soon they will learn the truth about The Green Ember.

I absolutely loved reading this page-turning epic story. It was a fascinating world filled with action and intriguing characters. I especially loved Picket as he struggles to come to grips with being too little to fight back and be the hero he wants to be. Each of the characters are relatable and interesting.

I highly recommend this fun book. It is perfect for young readers looking for their next epic adventure to devour.