Finally free on the dangers of gangs, drugs, and worse in the massive ghetto he grew up in, Naz should be feeling great. His dream came true. But he is uneasy. The price was too high. His sister’s murderer is still out there. And he knows that he needs to go back.

Discover the heart-pounding conclusion to the wonderful IA series. Ride along as Naz connects with old friends and meets new enemies. Soon he realizes that it will take more than his super powers to discover the truth behind it all.

IA: Union by John Darryl Winston

IA: Union

Author: John Darryl Winston

Series: IA (book 3)

Paperback: 352 pages

Formats: Hardcover, paperback, eBook

A year has passed since the tragic death of his sister. Everything is different now. Naz managed to finally escape the sprawling ghetto known as the Exclave. He is now living with his therapist Dr. Gwen and attending International Academy with his friend Harvis. Between classes and sparing sessions with Harvis, Naz works with Dr. Gwen to practice and develop his new found powers of telepathy and telekinesis. But she always seems more interested in unraveling the mystery of his repressed memories.

Despite everything being finally so good, Naz is unsettled. Haunted by dreams of his sister, he knows in his gut that he has unfinished business in his old neighborhood. And for some reason he has a strong believe that his father is still alive. So he and Harvis hatch a plan to get kicked out of the International Academy by bullying some poor kid. But when they grabbed some kids lunch money in the hallway, Dr. Gwen’s son came to his rescue and a fight ensued. Even though it wasn’t totally as they planned, Naz and Harvis succeed in being sent back to the Exclave to attend Union High School. But they have John as a tagalong, the son of Dr. Gwen.

Returning to his old stomping ground and reuniting with old friends was exciting. They had grown so much and were now on the varsity basketball team. Even Ham is back and on the team again. His friends pressure him to join the basketball team, hoping to replay their old glory. But Naz and Harvis didn’t return for fun. They are on a mission. Naz is determined to solve the mystery and find his sister’s killer.

Along the way, Naz stumbled into the mysterious girl D. They rekindle their innocent romance and things are looking up. But when she is kidnapped, Naz feels the guilt and responsibility to rescue her. He needs to focus and concentrate on his super powers. But that won’t save her alone. He needs to trust old enemies and take a big risk to save her.

I absolutely loved this powerful book. It’s an action packed, emotional ride that will keep you at the edge of your seat. It made me laugh out loud and cry. I especially loved how the characters are so understandable and real. I felt like they were my classmates in school.

I highly recommend the IA series to all young readers.

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