Imagine if you were only six inches tall and lived in the walls of regular house. You’d sneak around through tiny, hidden doorways and take the things you needed. But in return, you’d secretly fix the house up without the owners of the house realizing.

This is the delightful story of The Littles. It is the fun tale of a family of little people dealing with everyday life while staying hidden, living in the walls of a normal sized house filled with regular people. A perfect book for young readers just getting into chapter books.

The Littles by John Peterson

The Littles

Author: John Peterson

Illustrator: Roberta Carter Clark

Age Range: 7 – 10

Grade Level: 2 – 5

Series: The Littles (book 1)

Paperback: 80 pages

Formats: Paperback

The story kicks off when the big family they are living with go on vacation for three months. And a new family from the city moves into the house to take care of it for them. The littles soon realize that people renting a house for a few months don’t take care of it the same way that people who own it do. The city folk came out to the country to write and paint. The house isn’t theirs, so they decide to relax and not lift a finger to care for it.

Soon a mess starts to build up in the house. Food was left about uncovered. The floors were not swept after meals. Garbage spilled out of the can and toppled onto the floor. You’d think that the littles would love easier access to food than before. But the untidiness quickly led to a big problem… mice.

To regular people, mice are a minor annoyance. They are creepy and gross, but they immediately run away when they see you. But to a little, they are deadly. When the mice arrive, the littles are forced to baton down the hatches and break out their chest of weapons. They had bows and arrows, little swords, and matches for a torch.

Locked up tight in their rooms, the littles wait patiently, hoping that the new family will notice and set out traps for the mice. When that doesn’t happen, they decide on a plan to ensure that they noticed a mouse and finally do something about it. Granny Little makes a mouse costume for ten year old Tom Little to pretend to be a mouse and scurry out in front of the new family. It’s dangerous, but the only way to get their attention. Unfortunately, this leads to even more problems.

I really enjoyed the creative world in the book. It will inspire young readers with fun ideas of what they would do if they were only six inches tall. I especially loved how the tightknit family of littles all worked together as a group. Three generations of littles all living together in harmony. It’s a timeless, family-oriented message that is perfect for today’s youth.

This imaginative read is the perfect first chapter book for young reader ready to grow into the next level of books.

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