Traveling a few houses down when you are only six inches tall is a dangerous affair. This is especially treacherous in the middle of a snowstorm. Only someone crazy would dare such a journey. Unless it was a rescue mission.

The Littles to the Rescue is the next exciting chapter in The Littles series. It continues with the same excellent quality and expands the world even more.

The Littles to the Rescue by John Peterson

The Littles to the Rescue

Author: John Peterson

Illustrator: Roberta Carter Clark

Age Range: 7 – 10

Grade Level: 2 – 5

Series: Littles (book 3)

Paperback: 95 pages

Formats: Paperback

Mrs. Little is having a baby. Time is growing near and the family is preparing for the new bundle of joy to arrive. Tom made a rattle out of a tiny peanut shell. Granny sewed some diapers out of Mr. Biggs’ white handkerchief. Everything is all set, except for one thing. Aunt Lily is not here yet. Having studied as a nurse, she was there to help with the birth of both Tom and Lucy. She promised to be there again to help. But a looming snowstorm makes everyone nervous that she won’t be able to make it.

A phone call confusion makes Aunt Lily think the baby is coming now. So she forces her son, Cousin Dinky, to fly her there despite the thick snow falling outside. The tiny glider twists and turns in the blustering wind. Thankfully, Cousin Dinky was an expert pilot. But when he arrived at the littles’ house, he discovered that his mother, Aunt Lily, had fallen out of the plane.

Desperate and distraught, Dinky flies back out and spots her parachute in the woods. So the littles set out on a rescue mission to find Aunt Lily and bring her home safely. Along the way, we meet a new family of little people that inhabit the woods. Instead of living inside of a house of regular sized people, they live in hollowed out tree.

This action-packed addition to The Littles series will have young readers at the edge of their seat. It beautifully jumps back and forth between both sides of the rescue, creating a fun, safe adventure. I really enjoyed seeing two different groups of people meet each other for the first time. Starting with their apprehension and fear from old stories to getting to know each other and discovering that we are not all that different.

This is a great book for younger readers to discover the joy of reading chapter books and growing across a book series.

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