I’m thrilled to announce that I have launched a merchandise store on Teespring for T-shirts, mugs, and more themed after my books!

Show off to all of your friends with a cool T-shirt of Alvin floating to the Land without Color under his gum bubble. Or jump into action with T-shirt of the Sugar Soldiers or Spider Riders.

Snuggle up with an adorable pillow of Alvin eating ice cream. Or decorate your room with a poster of the map from The Land without Color.

Alvin floating T-shirt from Teespring
Sugar soldier sweatshirt from Teespring
Spider rider T-shirt from Teespring
Alvin floating pillow from Teespring
Alvin eating ice cream pillow from Teespring
Rainbow Castle pillow from Teespring
Simply follow the link on the navigation above or click here: Benjamin Ellefson Teespring Store

Be sure to come back every few months as I will be adding new items periodically.

Permy and the Cyclops Baker by Benjamin Ellefson

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