Everyone knows that cats have nine lives. So Scaredy Cats serves up nine spooky stories featuring cats as the main characters. Each one is inspired from classic horror tales, told in a silly, kid-friendly way.

Whether it is near Halloween or you’re just in the mood for a playful scare, this fun book will delight with each unique, short story.

Scaredy Cats by Shoo Rayner

Scaredy Cats

Author: Shoo Rayner

Illustrator: Shoo Rayner

Age Range: 7 – 12

Grade Level: 3 – 6

Paperback: 140 pages

Formats: Paperback


The first story is a retelling of Frankenstein. It follows two cats serving as assistants to a mad-scientist bent of discovering the secret of life. When one of them is hit by a car, the scientist brings the cat back to life. But the now vicious monster is not quite the same.

Another story is about a cat living in a roadside restaurant. Her job was to catch and kill any cockroaches that found their way into the restaurant. She was good at her job. But one day a new breed of cockroaches appeared that she couldn’t catch. So the health inspector brought a small lizard to eat up the problem. The cat was amazed at how effective the little lizard was at catching and eating them. But the more he ate, the bigger he got. Soon, this became dangerous for everyone, especially the cat.

One of my favorite stories is about a beautiful cat that was adored by her owners. They took her to all of the cat shows for all to see. This caught the attention of the creepy Bluebeard who had a mansion full of cats. Soon, curiosity led to the cat being captured by Bluebeard. At first it seemed fine. She was trapped, but being well cared for. She didn’t understand why everyone was afraid of Bluebeard. That is until she learned his secret.

Each story is separate, but feels like the same goosebumpy world. There is a retelling of Dracula and another of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. All of them are as playful as a kitten.

I loved the silly sense of humor in the book and the wonderful illustrations on every page. This book was a fun quick read that is perfect for readers new to chapter books.

I highly recommend this book to all young readers who love a good scare. Especially cat lovers.