Have you ever dreamt of becoming a superhero? Imagine one day being a regular kid and the next having super powers that you can use to rescue people and save the day. That is exciting tale of The Supadupa Kid.

Javon is an average kid with a tattle-tale little sisters and a neighborhood bully who always picks on him. Young readers will love this action-packed tale as he learns to use his powers and becomes a real hero.

The Supadupa Kid by Ty Allan Jackson

Supadupa Kid

Author: Ty Allan Jackson

Illustrator: Jon Shears

Grade Level: 3 – 4

Paperback: 168 pages

Formats: Paperback


It starts with Javon walking to school with his little sister. The forecast called for rain, so he took his umbrella in case the rain started to pour. As they are walking, the local bully Hoody jumps out and snatches him umbrella. Javon chases after him, but finally finds him umbrella abandoned around the next corner.

He doesn’t think twice about it until the afternoon when he tries to be the hero by using his umbrella to shelter the cutest girl in school from the rain. Unfortunately, his umbrella won’t open. Soon Hoody shows up and they get into a fight over it. In the mix of the scuffle, they are both struck by lightning.

Javon wakes up two weeks later in the hospital. His family is relieved to have him alive and home again. Everything seems like it is going back to normal when Javon starts experiencing weird things. Electronic devices are turning on by themselves around him. The television would get fuzzy when he walked by. And microwave popcorn would start popping in his hands before he put it in the microwave. When he goes to his genius best friend Ronald for help, he discovers that he can fly.

So the two friends decide to use Javon’s new superpowers for good. Javon becomes the Supadupa Kid and Ronald is his trusty assistant. With a snazzy costume to hide his identity and a communication radio to talk with Ronald, Javon is all set. He sets off on his first daring mission, to rescue a cat in a tree. His first attempt at being a superhero is a grand success, ignoring the spark he gives the cat. But as fires start to break out around town, he soon discovers that he is not the only one with powers.

Hoody too gained superpowers from the lightning. This is the last thing that a neighborhood bully should ever have. Soon a path of destruction from him is littered around town. And he is determined to fight Javon and prove once and for all who is the most powerful one around.

I loved reading this fun origin story for a child superhero. The characters were realistic with hopes and desires of regular kids. Young readers will delight in this exciting adventure.

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