Fairies are real. They live in a fairy world and travel to our world to grant wishes for humans. But when a true love wish was destroyed, the fairy world fell into terrible danger. Now it is up to Shae to find a new rare, true love wish to save her world.

The immersive world of The WishKeeper will excite young readers and fill their heads will ideas of all of the wishes they’d love to be granted by a fairy.

The WishKeeper by Maximilian Timm

The WishKeeper

Author: Maximilian Timm

Paperback: 299 pages

Formats: Paperback, eBook


Many years ago, the fairies lived on Earth. They resided in the forests nearby villages and would sneak in to collect the wishes of humans. But as humans expanded and took over the world, the fairies needed a safe place to exist. So they created a parallel world called Paragonia. The fairies would then travel through gates to find the humans they were assigned, collect their wishes, and bring them back to their world to be granted.

Everything changed ten years ago when the WishingKing became greedy and evil. In order to save the fairy world, Shae’s mother destroyed a true love wish. In this cataclysmic event, Shae’s wings were broken, rendering her unable to fly. Ever since, the fairy world has been slowly disappearing.

As she grew up, all Shae wanted to be was a WishKeeper. To be assigned a human to collect wishes for. But unable to fly made this impossible. So she was stuck working in the Wish Nursery taking care of the young wishes before they were granted. Shae also had to operate one of the gates for the WishKeepers to travel between the worlds.

Finally one day she is given a chance. She is given a WishKeeper recruit who keeps failing the trials as a partner. She has to pass her exam by wrangling a wish and keeping it safe. And he has to keep her out of trouble. But together they discover the WishingKing is more dangerous than they realized. He pursues them with is army of zombie fairies. They must work together to stay alive and collect the true love wish to safe themselves and their world.

This exciting book is a quick read that young readers will devour. It has a unique, imaginative world that inspires. I especially loved how the wishes were different color, glowing balls that were like animals with individual personalities. It was simple adorable.

I highly recommend this book for all lovers of fantasy.