Books by Benjamin Ellefson

“Follow the color, my boy. Follow the color.”

-General Droww, The Land without Color

The Land without Color

In this award winning whimsical adventure, twelve-year-old Alvin finds himself in a strange land where all of the color is missing and everything is gray. The trees, animals, and even people are all gray.

Teaming up with Permy the talking squirrel and Ronaldo the Spanish speaking mouse, Alvin must find the color-stealing Goblins, battle man-eating plants, outsmart the bumbling Crimson Guards, cross the Sugar Desert, and the overcome the two-headed dragon to save the twin princesses Gwendolyn and Sapphire.

If they can succeed and find their way into the Color Factory, Alvin will discover the value of eating your vegetables and learn the true culprit behind the missing color.

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“People were getting weary of the war between the Kingdom of Color and the Kingdom of Shapes. They needed a new, more terrifying enemy to be afraid of – an enemy that could be lurking around any corner. One that people would do anything to stay safe from.”

-Gnome King, The Great Sugar War

The Great Sugar War

Before Alvin floated into the Land Without Color, his Grandpa Otto ventured there when he was a boy. When he arrived, Otto discovered a raging war between the Kingdom of Color and the Kingdom of Shapes leaving everything drab and gray.

When Otto joins forces with the famous Colonel Droww, the always prepared Aunt Nellie, and the tremendous Mighty Lion, they are attacked by a new mysterious army of Sugar Soldiers who devour everything in their path.

Now Otto must outsmart the War Inspectors, educate the Grasshoppers of the goodness of vegetables, negotiate peace with the Kingdom of Shapes, battle the Gnomes under the Shadow Mountains, and find the real source of the color drought.

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“You can run, but you can’t hide.”

-Officer Reed, The Collapsing Kingdom

The Collapsing Kingdom

In the conclusion to The Land without Color trilogy, it is up to Brandon to save the Kingdom from the grayness returning to the land. Throughout the Kingdom, the ground is collapsing beneath Brandon’s feet into a giant, bottomless void. Nutritious fruits and vegetables are no longer growing. And people are missing, including his Grandpa Alvin.

With the help of a giant bald eagle named Scout and his best friend Steven, Brandon must elude the tenacious Officer Reed, escape from the dangerous Spider Riders, endure the robot Color Collectors, find the twin princesses Gwendolyn and Sapphire, and rescue his Grandpa Alvin. In the final chapter in the Land Without Color series, Brandon must hurry to defeat the vile vipers and restore the color to the Kingdom.

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