Permy and the Cyclops Baker

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“I’m so glad I found you. It’s almost time for dinner.”

– Cyclops Baker, Permy and the Cyclops Baker

Would you follow a dare to go farther away from your home that you’ve ever been?

Years before Alvin set foot in the Kingdom of Color, Permy was a young squirrel playing with her friends in the Red Berry Forest. But when they dared her to venture beyond the forest to investigate the rumor of everything turning gray, she discovers more than she bargained for.

Captured by a giant cyclops obsessed with baking cookies, Permy has to use her wits to escape and find her way home.

Discover the whimsical world of The Land without Color series in the short story featuring new characters along with some of your favorites.

Illustrations from Permy and the Cyclops Baker

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