Lexi Vega and the Starlight Stone

by Benjamin Ellefson

Lexi Vega

Age Range: 7 – 12 years

Grade Level: 3 – 6

Series: Lexi Vega (book 1)

Lexi Vega is the girl with imagination.

Her amazing art takes her to faraway places. But when her sketches come to life, can she prevent a cunning enemy from using them to rule the universe?

Twelve-year-old Lexi Vega loves drawing. But when she discovers a mysterious starlight stone that allows her entry into her artistic creations, she’s plunged into strange realms of gingerbread men, adorable bear cubs, and an evil rabbit queen. And when the monstrous royal discovers Lexi’s power, the gifted girl must evade capture so she can’t be used to invade all the known worlds.

Though Lexi does her best to hide, she’s taken prisoner by the cottontail queen and forced to make pictures to help conquer other kingdoms. Desperate to escape and save her home from the monarch’s army of sinister bunnies, Lexi’s only hope may lie in her own inventive mind…

Can the preteen picture-hopper stop all her colorful dreams from becoming a nightmare?

Lexi Vega and the Starlight Stone is the thrilling first book in the Lexi Vega middle grade fantasy series. If you like swashbuckling heroes, exploring new lands, and having bucketloads of fun along the way, then you’ll adore award-winning author Benjamin Ellefson’s imaginative adventure.

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